Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQ to see if your question has been answered. It contains information about land investing, our company, the properties on offer and service terms. if you cannot find your question or prefer to speak with me directly feel free to reach out via email or call. I  will answer your call personally. No agents, sales representatives, or telephone maze. My number is 346-355-9745


Q. Is it a real pictures of the property?

A. Yes, all pictures are actual pictures of the parcels. If there are no pictures of the listed property it will have a parcel map picture or picture taken from Google Earth. I pay for local photographers to visit each individual parcel, take pictures and provide us with information on the closest power if applicable, as well as the best roads to access the property if that differs from Google Maps, and add personal knowledge of the area if applicable. 


Q. Does the property have mineral rights? 

I never retain the mineral rights. If the property had mineral rights on the deed It will be passed to a new owner at no charge. However, most properties come without mineral rights, as they been withheld long ago by previous owners. There is no way to find out who owns them without paying for special mineral rights title search. If the property has mineral rights it will be stated on the listing.


Q. How do I know this is legit?

It is a very common concern that people have. Fortunately, it is very easy to check who owns the property in any county. You can find a county website, call the assessor and ask for details about a specific property. It is public information. 

Additionally, you can check our reviews on Trustpilot. We have many happy customers and are known for exceptional customer service.


Q. Can I go see the property before putting any money down?

Yes, you are welcome to visit the property any time even without securing it with a down payment. I will provide you with all the details and directions. However, because most of our properties are sold on seller-financing and the down payment is low I would advise you to secure it before going there. It happened in the past that people planned to go visit the property next week but, in the meantime, someone just went online and bought it. (Every Property Report has a down payment link at the bottom, so anyone who has ever asked for information can make the purchase at any point, even if the property isn’t listed on the website). Because there is a noticeable increase in demand since the beginning of the lockdowns and I work on a first-come-first served policy, it is wise to secure the property before going there.


Q. How are you different from other land sellers?

I take pride in my reputation and high customer service standards. I only have a few properties to sell at any given time which translates to fast execution time. You can expect a prompt response to an email, a phone call, or document preparation time. I aim to deliver land documents for signing within 12hrs of the down-payment at the latest. Sometimes within 1-2 hrs.


Q. What is a document fee?

The document fee is the non-refundable payment that covers the preparation of the land sale document pack and will also be used for creation, notarization, and recording of the Deed at the end of note payments. I have a bare minimum document fee in comparison to other land sellers. It is part of the down payment, so your total will never be higher than advertised. (For example, if you see a $600 down-payment, it will consist of $500 down and $100 doc. fee – it is to avoid the disappointment of paying more than expected at the checkout)


Q. What documents will we sign? 

There will be 3 documents in total:  The purchase sale agreement; The promissory note and  The Land Sale Contract

1). The Purchase Sale Agreement identifies the property that you’re agreeing to buy and that we’re agreeing to sell. 

2). The Promissory Note covers the fact that we are offering to you owner financing and that you agree to the payment plan.

3). The third document is the Land Sale Contract which is not a deed but states that upon completion of all the payments, the deed will be transferred to you, as we promised as full ownership. So it’s a mutual promise you agree to pay and we agree to sell that specific property. I will send the documents to the county recorder with a Deed to put in your name within 2 days of pay-off. You will then receive the original, recorded deed in the mail.